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Avigilon 4K Ultra HD CCTV cameras

High quality imagery allowing you to use fewer cameras to cover 1 area

New Avigilon Edge Solution HD Recorder

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Emergency Lighting
Access Control Systems

MMV Contracting provide a cost effective, prompt service for installing and maintaining Emergency Lighting Systems in Offices, Warehouses across the Midlands.

Emergency Lighting is required by European law. These laws dictate the level of lighting required in the event of an emergency, together with important obligations such as the visibility of exit signage and the response time of emergency luminaires. Emergency lighting operates automatically when a lighting circuit loses the mains power supply. A full record sheet needs to be maintained for each emergency fitting. These sheets have to be available for inspection by the authorities at any time.

MMV provide:

Escape lighting

  • Open area lighting is designed to reduce confusion and panic, whilst ensuring visibility of the nearest exit route.
  • Escape lighting also enables employees to shut down sensitive or potentially dangerous processes before evacuating the building.

Standby lighting

  • Standby lighting allows normal activities to continue if the main lighting fails for any reason. An application such as an operating theatre or an air traffic control centre would require standby lighting.

Maintenance schemes:

Maintaining your emergency lighting scheme

  • Once an emergency lighting scheme is designed and installed, the person responsible for the building has a legal obligation to make sure that all the emergency luminaires will operate when required. Emergency light fittings must be regularly tested to confirm that they will operate when required.

Testing Emergency Lighting Products

  • Emergency lighting products have to be tested regularly to meet the requirements of European law.  The standard EN50172 stipulates the precise nature and frequency of the testing.

Access Control Systems
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