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Avigilon 4K Ultra HD CCTV cameras

High quality imagery allowing you to use fewer cameras to cover 1 area

New Avigilon Edge Solution HD Recorder

Full Avigilon™ Control Center (ACC) server functionality Support for the full range of Avigilon cameras including 7K (30 megapixel) HD Pro Streaming and playback through HD client monitoring workstation and ACC client 30+ days of HD video storage retention
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MMV Contracting provide CCTV Systems for Homeowners and Businesses.

Gone are the days of fuzzy images on old video tape that took ages to find the right pictures of that important event. Nowadays CCTV is all about low cost, high quality imagery recorded onto hard-drive that allow rapid access to the event in question from all the leading manufacturers, Dedicated Micros, Cop, Videoswitch etc..

Low cost of HDD storage means that archive history can easily and affordably be maintained in excess of 30 days. Cameras now provide high-resolution colour pictures down to incredibly low light levels. With most offering built in infra red lighting 24 hours functionality is now a reality. Remote monitoring is now available by either a third party monitoring facility, direct to you via the internet or your hand held device/smart phone.

Digital is better for the user, as searching for timed events or alarm driven events is very quick and easy and once the vital information is located archiving it to either a CD/DVD or USB storage device is quickly carried out.

High speed pan, tilt and zoom domes are also affordable for the standard range, although prices do start to rise when you need to think about built in infra red, ruggedising cameras for harsh environments etc.

We can operate our systems as standalone CCTV or we can integrate them for you into your access control, intruder alarms etc.  If remote site monitoring by a central station is required for those high risk sites, we can take care of that too.

Maintenance of your system is essential for long term performance, all our systems come with 12 months on site warranty, although in the first year its a good idea to consider a basic maintenance package too.  This ensures all parts of the system are working at their optimum.  If you have systems installed already, we will happily look after them too, our maintenance packages can be tailored to your site specifically and we do not have to have installed it for you in order to look after it.

Ours system design and site surveys are carried out free of charge and without obligation, the only requirement we ask of you is that when you are comparing prices, you ensure you are comparing matching systems specifications, performance and support as to arrive at a sound business judgment without properly considering these factors may result in an expensive mistake for you.

We can provide systems from all the major manufacturers, such JVC, Sony, Hitachi, Cop, Dedicated Micros, Videoswitch, Samsung, Pelco, Honeywell, ADI, Panasonic, Computar, Merit Lilin, Ikegami, Sanyo, Pecan, Ganz, Genie, Citysync, Milestone, Forward Vision, Dennard, Altron, WEC and on and on and on....


  • Colour/mono high-resolution cameras
  • Inexpensive pan and tilt zoom domes
  • Hard disk recording with remote connection
  • High quality audio recording
  • Remote video monitoring and response
  • IP based cameras and recorders


  • Low cost surveillance allows increased levels of cover
  • Remote access from anywhere with internet connection
  • Site and man management information
  • Increased sense of security
  • Address Health & Safety concerns

When you consider that most of our new clients come to us as a result of client recommendation, this must be an accurate measure of the standards we work to and a reflection of our commitment to providing client support and satisfaction.

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