Automatic number plate recognition systems as well as being an excellent deterrent and evidence gathering device for crime and speeding detection/prevention systems have an additional benefit when used in access control installations either as a means of counting vehicles in and out, which can provide effective car park management, or indeed can be used to allow or deny access and egress form a site when used in conjunction with your Paxton Net 2 access control system.

The ANPR cameras can be used to replace readers at site entry points and linked with the net 2 access control hardware using a Wiegand interface can be used as the means of identifying a vehicle using its registration plate as a token reference, the license reference is stored within the Net 2 software and subject to the user details fulfilling all the criteria in terms of access rights being permitted through that barrier/gate at that time, the system can then allow lawful access regress, using the vehicle registration plate.

ANPR is a networked system which reliably reads licence plates at speeds of up to 100 mph with 95-98% accuracy, in the dark and with the glare from vehicle headlights. You can monitor an unlimited number of traffic lanes with each vehicle being logged on the system’s database


  • Precludes the need to purchase, distribute and manage vehicle tags, reducing initial investment and running costs. 
  • Vehicles can be authorised in advance without the need for the vehicle to be present or for tags to be posted and automatically de-authorised, or manually if preferred until such time as the vehicle is booked back onto site 
  • Licence plates are managed in the same way as standard access control credentials without the need to refer to the DVLC or other external bodies. There are no additional service costs or fees required. 
  • Licence plates can be managed on the Net 2 system within a user’s individual record within the system as other access control credentials avoiding the need to invest in separate vehicle and people access control systems. 


The Nedap license plate reader is an all in one camera including High Definition camera, analyser and high power IR illuminator. 

The ANPR reader has processing software embedded onboard. By default, the license plate reader features RS485 and Ethernet communication interfaces. 

The ANPR Access HD covers nearly all European countries and has a broad list of world-wide countries supporting a large range of IR-reflective license plates. The usage of a HD sensor, in combination with the high power IR, enables reading more complex number plates in more challenging circumstances and from a wider range. 


The WIM or Wiegand Interface Module 

The Nedap Wiegand Interface Module is module allows for easy conversion of the Nedap ANPR reader to a required Wiegand format. 

Use in combination with Nedap ANPR

The Wiegand interface module transforms seamlessly integrated license plate reading into a Wiegand badge reader output. It receives the license plate information via RS485 from the Nedap ANPR reader and converts the signal into a required Wiegand format to allow for easy integration into our Paxton Net 2 access control systems, eliminating time consuming integration associated with alphanumeric license plates.


Automatic Wiegand configuration 

The Wiegand interface module allows you to configure and convert the transmitted license plate into an automatic selected Wiegand format. Upon reading of the license plate, the Wiegand interface module will convert the license plate according to selected algorithm to a corresponding Wiegand ID (via the set Wiegand format) to the access control panel. If the Wiegand ID is authorized, access is provided by the access control panel.  Multiple Wiegand formats are supported. Since most access control systems support a Wiegand ID number, easy integration is achieved.


Wiegand interface Software 

The match list can be managed remotely through the LAN interface of the Wiegand Interface Module. Using the Wiegand Interface Software multiple license plate readers can be updated at once.  The match list is stored locally in the database of the Wiegand interface software. Identified number plates will be verified with the internal match list. If the Wiegand interface module is used and match list is filled, only known IDs will be transmitted to the access controller for authorization.

Moreover, the Wiegand Interface Module will detect the following events: 

  • no match event – a license plate not matched to a Wiegand ID. 
  • no plate event – a vehicle triggers the camera, but no license plate is detected.

These events are logged and can be outputted in a selected Wiegand badge number. 

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