4G & Wireless CCTV Systems

4G Better data compression and faster mobile data devices has allowed the growth of wireless and rapid deployment camera systems utilising the airwaves.  Lower power consumption of devices coupled with solar/wind/hydrogen backup systems means that where often in the past CCTV couldn’t be used or required frequent site visits to download evidence, the ability to do so much more with so less hassle is an affordable and realistic achievement for many installations.

Councils have for some time had the ability to quickly install a fixed or movable camera in a location perhaps drawing power form local council owned electrical installations or using battery backups supported by solar/wind charging devices and used then to monitor activity in troublesome areas to overcome vandalism, fly tipping, anti-social behaviour etc and have the ability to collect this information either live or recorded, without having to dispatch a member of staff to the remote location to do so. 

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The police too have made active use of these technologies in their fight against crime and they have proved to be an invaluable source of protection or Health & Safety information gathering for construction companies, especially across the early stages of large civil construction projects that might struggle with the basic infarsturcture initially to utilise for the security systems. 

Mobile towers van be towed into position, hydrogen cells can provide the power to keep everything running for several days with the ability f protecting large areas with minimal staff and reducing manpower costs and quite possibly also reducing health and safety risks too; to the employees who we have a duty of care over. 

You still need to be mindful of course that the 4g route can be quite data consuming, so it is essential that you get the best advice on system design and setup so that you do not lose the benefit of any perceived cost savings with painfully high monthly data charges! 

Wireless links These have become very prevalent of late, point to point with line of sight required, they can be a very cost-effective means of installing a system quickly and where normal means of cabling are unavailable, for instance linking sites across busy roads/rail or water.  We have used then very effectively on a number of construction sites where the sheer physicality and size of the project has meant that a line of sight installation can eradicate hundreds of metres of cable installation, along with all the associated problems and additional capital required to install data range extenders etc. 

And of course, these wireless transmitters are not just about CCTV data, we can also transmit data from other systems across the link, maybe even our access control systems you might need to employ on site too.