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A new growth area for our company is now the ability to provide cloud-based CCTV management and recording for our clients.  Through our partnership with Eagle Eye Networks, we are able to offer our clients the option to install an encoder on their site, linked to their cameras (new or old, – even old analogue cameras can be utilised – so there’s a saving straight away!)

System Overview 

Designed for the cyber-security conscious customer seeking maximum flexibility in their choices of cameras and locations. 

The Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS provides 100% cloud management, 100% mobile and web browser viewing, and if you want – 100% cloud recording. Architected from the ground up to be all cloud all the time. You can click and add a camera at any time. You can click and change how long you keep your recordings. Its ready to go when you are. Pay only for what you need. It eliminates all the headaches of traditional systems. No software to buy and install, no license keys, and no OS to maintain.

The encoder allows the transmission of the camera data to a secure remote server, then users have the ability to login from anywhere that allows a web browser to access the internet, to their site, password controlled and user permission defined, to view either live or recorded images, possible alarm events and for us as the installer the ability to check upon the health of your systems, without having to leave our office – again more savings to be had by our clients, along with PROACTIVE support, quite often we would know of an issue with your system before you did and quite possibly even rectified it before you knew you had the problem in the first place!


Extracted from a blog by Eagle Eye Networks 

Motion Detection vs. Analytics 

The Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS includes an integrated motion detection and object-based analytics system. This provides a variety of features, which recognize motion and objects in your video, and can be used to send intelligent notifications. To help decide which feature(s) will work best for you, we have broken down their functions below. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at +1-512-473-0500.  


Motion Detection is included with all camera subscriptions. It can be used to generate alerts and control when a camera records full video.  

Object Counting, Line Crossing, and Intrusion Detection are all analytics, available as an add-on to any camera subscription. 

  • Intrusion Detection – Generates alerts when an object is detected within a defined area.  
  • Line Crossing – Tracks objects and knows when they cross a designated line. Alerts can be generated when the line is crossed in a specific direction. For example, a camera pointed towards an exit door can generate alerts when someone leaves the building. This is different than Intrusion Detection, which can alert when an object enters a designated area from any direction.  
  • Object Counting – Tracks objects when they cross a designated line and provides a real-time count on-screen in the video preview. Alerts are not generated.  

Which is better, Motion Detection or Intrusion Detection?  

Motion Detection works on changing pixels which means motion can be triggered by anything moving in the video. This means trees, reflections, flying insects when using night vision, will be seen as motion. 

Using the default settings, motion will never be missed in a scene. If your goal is to minimize recorded events, saving time when it comes to viewing them, this can be a challenge depending on the type of scene. For example, an outdoor camera, which has a lot of moving plants or trees due to the wind, or an indoor scene near a window, which has reflections, will trigger motion. Regions can be used to mask motion detection around these areas, but it can be difficult to only trigger motion when a person or car is in the scene. 

Why does it matter? Reducing the amount of video to sort through makes a big difference when you need to find an event.  If you have low bandwidth, adjusting the motion detection is even more important, because all full resolution video where motion occurs is transmitted to the Eagle Eye Cloud. 

Motion Events and Analytic Events are shown in the history browser, making them easy to find. Graphs are also available for both.  

  • Dark Blue – Full Video 
  • Light Blue – Motion Events 
  • Light Green – Analytic Events 
  • Dark Green Marks – Object Counting, Line Crossing, and Intrusion Detection 

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