Fire Extinguishers

Arguably the second most famous fire safety and firefighting tool – only behind the fire engine – fire extinguishers have a history of managing small and controllable fires since 1723. They can be found in just about any building you enter.

Did you know? Fire extinguishers are a legal requirement for all commercial buildings here in the UK and should ideally be stocked appropriately for a number of different types of fire that may occur in a specific place.

Bringing peace of mind to you at home or in the workplace, ensuring the presence of the right type of extinguisher can leave you assured that you are prepared for any unfortunate possibilities that may appear.

European standard EN3 states that portable fire extinguishers in the UK and the European Union on the whole, must meet specified, legal requirements. In addition, there are regulations that govern testing and traits that must be carried out and present within all manufactured canisters. All of our extinguishers supplied via MMV Contracting Limited will stand by this legislation to provide the relevant safety measures needed to maintain your workplace or home.

There are six recognised fire classes and we at Fire Safety Store supply extinguishers for all classes of fires (class A – F).

  • Class A Fires: Solid combustibles, such as wood, paper, textiles
  • Class B Fires: Flammable liquids, such as petrol, diesel and paraffin
  • Class C Fires: Flammable gases, such as LPG and natural gas
  • Class D Fires: Flammable metals, such as magnesium swarf
  • Class F Fires: Cooking fats, such as deep fat fryers oils

By knowing which types of fire are possible and the correct extinguisher to use on each and comparing that to the potential fire types may encounter, you can make an educated decision on which extinguisher, or extinguishers, you should have in your building and when to use them.

Business and landlords will require the correct fire extinguishers in the right numbers and locations. Once installed they should be regularly maintained, and you must have the evidence to prove this. The correct extinguisher signage is required and we can arrange training for your staff in the correct use of the extinguishers and for Fire Marshall Training too.

Emergency Signage

A business needs the correct emergency signage in place. In the event of evacuation, could you, your staff or visitors find their way out? We provide a sign survey and supply the correct signage to keep you compliant

Are your extinguisher points clearly indicated, even in reduced visibility? MMV Contracting Limited can arrange for a Fire Signage Survey for you.

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