Our markets – Domestic clients

We provide our domestic clients with a variety of systems and services. From simple hard wired or wireless intruder alarms, through CCTV system and our Part P Certified electrical works.  MMV can take care of those tricky jobs that require the “expert” touch and that require official approval. Once work is complete we talk to local building control officers to notify of the work for you.  Our electricians can help you to keep your home safe and compliant with current standards

When it comes time to sell your property , a sale is so much easier to achieve if you have the paperwork in place for your electrical installation.  This could result in providing a buyer peace of mind knowing that they are not buying into the unknown and avoid them (or you) being saddled with a huge repair bill if something goes wrong after the sale is complete.

Don’t forget to check out our domestic electrical pages on this site so you can gain an insight as to when you DO need to use a competent skilled tradesman to complete works in your home.

It may not be the cheapest option in the long term if you don’t do the work properly first time. Forget about the additional costs you might incur – how would you feel if shoddy workmanship led to someone becoming hurt or worse still, lose their life? Are a few quid saved now really worth it?

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