Fire Safety

Fire Alarms

Whether you are thinking of your home, your HMO property (Homes of Multiple Occupation) or your business premises you would be well advised to consider the installation of a good quality fire alarm system. Once you have it, make sure you maintain it in peak working condition. Wired or wireless we have solutions to fit the circumstance. Providing Sales, Installation, Maintenance.

Fire Extinguishers

Have you got your fire extinguishers installed? Are they the correct type for the location and type of fire you may need to fight? Do you know what type of extinguisher you need? Have you got a scheduled maintenance contract in place to keep them ready for action? Have you got the right signage for them? Is your emergency lighting correctly installed to illuminate their position? Providing Sales, Installation, Maintenance.

Fire Risk Assessments

Have you had an FRA conducted on your premises recently? Do you know why you need one? If you have one does it need to be updated? We can arrange to have a fire risk assessment carried out for you that will detail the risks of your property and provide ways and means of reducing them, we can then quote for any services you need to bring your risk down to a managed level.

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