MMV Contracting Limited provide a wide range of turnstiles for their clients  – whether these are office space based unit, out in an open hostile environment on the edge of a construction site or containerised to provide a clean dry environment though which to pass, perhaps coupled with office space for a guard to use as his base, with heating, lighting, small power and facilities for tea, coffee making and access to IT services either for CCTV monitoring of the site or as the base for the access control system that governs who can come through the site using either proximity card readers, keycode or indeed biometric fingerprint access.

Perhaps you need a high security airlock portal that will rigorously control entry, restricting passage to 1 person, who has to securely enter the portal, allow the doors to close before the exit doors open to let them out the other side?

Construction sites are an ideal use for our turnstile systems, over the years we have installed a great number of them on projects such Crossrail, Hinckley Point C, HS2, Hammersmith Flyover repairs, National Grid, Countryside Properties, Bryn Glas, Heathrow Airport, to name but a few.

We have installed alongside them, standard door/gate installations, both internally and externally, either as turnstiles sat within a fence or hoarding line. Or in specially fitted out container that provides shelter for the workers as they pass through the secure turnstile entry points and provided some office accommodation for a security guard who can remain dry and warm in all environmental conditions and provide a base for his/her administrative duties whilst keeping any eye on the CCTV we have supplied to monitor site safety and security.

In some instances, a full height turnstile isn’t required, maybe where it’s more important just to get a read in or out of someone on site for timekeeping, or roll call reasons, so as an alternative we can provide half height units that effectively control passage of persons whilst providing the opportunity to capture the movement data, whether it’s form a proximity card read or a biometric fingerprint reader using the Ievo fingerprint reader we supply as standard.

DDA options are easily provided wither by use of wider lanes on the half height turnstiles or by using glass swing gates in place of the turnstile rotors on the Triflo range for instance.  With the ability to create infill spaces with glass and stainless steel, a secure and safe aesthetically pleasing environment can be created around an effectively controlled space.

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