Our markets – Industrial clients

Our range of services available to our commercial/construction and even domestic clients also apply equally to the Industrial client base.

  • CCTV –high definition megapixel systems that provide not only security, but can be exceptionally useful for health and safety monitoring, site management, time-lapse videography
  • Access control – for simple control of who gets in where, when and how, use biometrics, codes, proximity cards. Can provide timesheet reporting, construction site data and metrics, schedule deliveries (See our page on Bree CS or CtrlHub offerings,) use electric locks to gates, doors use turnstiles to limit access to one person at a time. integrate the system with your CCTV, intercoms, intruder alarms, building management controls
  • Intercoms – see who is at the entrance before you let them in, use audio only, audio and video, link it to your access control, your CCTV system, your smartphone or tablet, use SIP extension, the possibilities are endless
  • Turnstiles – are an effective way of ensuring single person access at one time, these might be full height units standing externally in a fence line, we can supply tool pass through gates, maybe a half height turnstile is all that is needed or maybe a high security portal which provides airlock-controlled access and egress, linked to card readers, biometrics or keypads
  • Barriers – control the flow of traffic using an automated barrier – linked to your access control system, with an overview of activities from your CCTV?
  • ANPR – Do you just want to capture vehicle registrations for security purposes, or do you want to use them as your means of ID and entry? Link the ANPR to your access control system and barrier and use your registration to gain access or egress to the site.
  • Electrical works – Keep on top of your building maintenance with regular checks on your fixed installations, your emergency lighting and have your portable equipment tested as you see fit with portable appliance testing. From test and inspection, to installation and maintenance of your electrical systems, we have got you covered.
  • Fire Safety – Need a fire alarm installation, temporary, suitable for construction site use? We can oblige, just need maintenance on our system already installed, again, happy to oblige.
  • Fire extinguishers – have you got them? Are they the right ones and are they in the right place? Have you got the correct signage? MMV can arrange to take care of these headaches for you, arranging monthly checks, annual checks, training, signage etc etc

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