Remote Monitoring

In days of yore, remote monitoring for CCTV meant that you contracted our the monitoring of your CCTV to a third party at a Central Monitoring Station, maybe paying a huge amount of money for the service with additional fees every time a couple of amorous bunnies started repeatedly tripping the detection devices, then scampering away by the time the old PSTN telephone line or ISDN line had sent the images to the Central Station Operator who was left scratching his head as to why your site was calling him…


Nowadays the scope of remote monitoring is so much wider, yes, its true there are still CCTV systems that are contracted to Central Stations to act to activity on site, maybe just with an audio link and a “hi plonker, we can see what you are doing, move on and leave site before we dispatch the police to feel your collar”.

Many businesses and homeowners now are actively involved in their own remote monitoring, the wealth of smartphones and mobile technology, coupled with the fast pace of change within the IP market means that remote monitoring can be as simple or as complicated as you wish.


All systems we sell are capable of being monitored remotely by certified Central Stations using Immix or similar technologies, but if a corporate solution is required, or you just want to keep an eye on your home whilst you are off in sunnier climes, we have systems and software that will enable you to do so.  Link it with alarms so that you get email snapshots perhaps, maybe you also want the benefit of audio links?  It’s all possible…


Link here to our Eagle Eye Networks page detailing information about our cloud-based CCTV video management system availability too. 

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