In some instances, a full height turnstile isn’t required, maybe where it’s more important just to get a read in or out of someone on site for timekeeping, or roll call reasons, so as an alternative we can provide half height units that effectively control passage of persons whilst providing the opportunity to capture the movement data, whether it’s form a proximity card read or a biometric fingerprint reader using the Ievo fingerprint reader we supply as standard.

DDA options are easily provided wither by use of wider lanes on the half height turnstiles or by using glass swing gates in place of the turnstile rotors on the Triflo range for instance.  With the ability to create infill spaces with glass and stainless steel, a secure and safe aesthetically pleasing environment can be created around an effectively controlled space.

All of our automatic barriers come with safety devices (consisting of either safety induction loops or safety photocells and in most cases, both) and “Stop/No Entry” signs as standard, as well being fully IP rated, we provide you with peace of mind that your barrier is entirely safe and secure when used properly and as prescribed in the operating manuals and procedures.

MMV Contracting Limited supply and install vehicular barriers that efficiently control the traffic into and out of your site according to your specific requirements.  We also provide a wide variety of access control on offer, including proximity card readers, digital keypads, radio fob access systems and long-range license plate recognition (ANPR).  We can also provide systems to track and monitor entry/exit from your site as well as linking our traffic barriers to your existing access control, if required or if you have no access systems currently on site, we can provide a design and installation that encompasses all of these requirements for you.

With a full range of accessories, such as single and dual height reader posts to accommodate intercoms, card readers or our Ievo biometric fingerprint readers (link to our biometric web page) we can provide the full complement of equipment required to complete your automatic barrier installation.

Our intercom systems can operate in conjunction with your barriers so that non-registered visitors, deliveries etc can visit site and if required make a video or audio call to your designated reception point and if allowed permission to enter can be given access by the operator using a single button press at the intercom handset, either locally or remotely dependent upon your system needs and design.

Fadini BAYT Barriers

Oil hydraulic road barrier for barrier beams from 3m up to 8m. Options available.

  • Oil-hydraulic – designed for continuous use, guaranteeing a reliable standard of quality that represents the operators distinguishing features. It is the ideal solution for car parks, private and public driveways, as well as with industrial, residential and urban applications. Beam movements in opening and closing with slowdown. Unaffected by low and high-temperature conditions.
  • Robust – reinforced structure made of rust-proof treated varnished steel. Finishing in two options: powder coating (RAL 2002 orange-red and orange peel metallized grey) or STAINLESS STEEL. Right or left-handed. Various speed options available. Anodized aluminium beam with safe oval cross-section without sharp corners.
  • Versatile – in a wide range of versions, with a lot of accessories to meet the most various applications: beams with fencing, beams with integrated led lights (to improve night visibility and save on energy consumption), folding beams (to overcome ground to ceiling space limitations).
  • Easy and quick to install – as the electronic controller ELPRO 980 is incorporated in the top of the housing in a dedicated box. Various programmable logic functions are available as well as the master/slave option in case of double opposite mount applications.
  • Manual options – is available with beams up to max. 6.40 m in length (without fence). Ideal for places where no electric power is available.

We can also provide the BAYT barrier in manual form, fitted with counterweights etc to facilitate a smooth and easy manoeuvre for a security guard or similar to manually provide the access onto site as well as a range of manual or electronically controlled bollards, another effective tool in reducing illegal access to your site.

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