EICR Report

Providing Landlords, Homeowners, Businessowners and others with Electrical installation condition reports.

The laws around Electrical installation condition reports (EICR) as of July 2020 are straightforward and very strict stating that all Landlords have the responsibility to ensure that their tenanted properties have a SATISFACTORY electrical installation report making sure that the property is safe for the tenants to occupy. There is a legal requirement of all landlords to have a SATISFACTORY EICR in place every 5 years and/or at the change of every tenancy whichever comes first. Having just past there was a new legislation put in place that all existing tenancies will require an EICR report by April 2021. Reports will need to be provided to the tenant, managing agent or local authorities within 30 days should they request.

All electrical equipment needs to be kept safe including all fixed and portable appliances such as white goods, washing machine, cooker, oven, hob.  During our inspections, all cables, wires, outlets, and electrical fixtures will be tested for any damage or deterioration. From this we then complete a report inputting all of the test results and any recommendations which are graded C1, C2 and C3 with a C1 being an immediate danger risk with remedial works to correct the risk required imminently and a C2 meaning that there is no immediate risk, but remedial work is needed within 28 days of the report being issued. The C3 code does not mean that remedial work is required, but only that improvement is recommended. Landlords don’t have to make this improvement, but it would improve the properties safety.

If landlords don’t have a current valid report upon request and/or during the tenure of a tenancy, then they may be vulnerable to a substantial fine of up to £30,000 for not complying with their legal duties. 

At MMV our prices start from £150 + VAT depending on the location and size of the property in question. 

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EICR Report