Following our work in Watford earlier this year, our client Wenta invited us to complete the installation of x18 7kW EV Chargers at their site in Enfield where they were looking to expand their network of chargers for staff and fleet vehicles.

The requirement was simple, provide the same solution as previously achieved but on a larger scale. For this reason, we turned to the trusty combination of the Sevadis MaxiCharger x Fuuse to achieve a professional, reliable, and smart charging solution. As the client was already set up on the Fuuse software we were able to commission the new site with ease and add the new chargers to their network allowing them to manage and monitor the system remotely.

The process of our installation started by notifying the local DNO of our planned works and then running 100m’s worth of 70mm SWA, installing two three-phase distribution boards, running 100m’s worth of 6mm Hi-Tuff, installing 50mm tray work, mounting the EVCs and finished off by commissioning the units.

We allowed for this project to take up to 2 weeks this included the first fix, second fix, and commissioning. Thankfully the project was completed on time and the final results look great! It’s fair to say when it comes to EV Charging Solutions, we know what we’re doing!

Our client took advantage of the WCS and Infrastructure Grant saving a total of £850 per socket installed. Unfortunately, this scheme ends in March 2024 so if you’re looking for a charging solution for your business act fast!

Our Solution

The MaxiCharger is a wall or pedestal mounted single outlet universal Type 2 EV charger. It is OCPP 1.6 compliant and has static load management built-in and dynamic load balancing options as well as PME fault detection incorporated on a single and a three-phase connection.

Utilizing the MaxiChargers OCPP compliance the system is powered by Fuuse. The Flexible Charge Point Management Software allows the client to manage, monitor, and monetize their system with ease. The software is packed with features developed for you to easily manage your business without having to incur any of the costs associated with developing a back-office, phone app, secure payment, and management platform.

Drivers initiate charging sessions by scanning a QR code located on the face of the MaxiCharger. Visible summary of charging costs, such as /kWh rate, connection, parking, and overstay fees before starting sessions. Credit or debit card details can be stored for ease of future sessions.

Fuuse is an intelligent back-office management system that provides installers and charge point operators with significant opportunities for the future of electrified transport.

As Fuuse-approved installers, we can help you save energy, reduce costs, and generate revenue through one fully configurable charge point management software.

If you’re looking for an EV Charging Solution at your home or business, contact our specialist team at 0845 0268530 or email to put your wheels in motion.