Earlier this year we were invited to supply and install a CCTV System at Brigstock Latham’s Primary School located in the beautiful village of Brigstock, Kettering. The school dates back to 1618 and it was important to take this into consideration when designing and installing the system to maintain the school’s character and history.  

Dahua TiOC

We installed a Dahua TiOC system designed to cover the sites perimeter, gated entrances, and playground areas. A range of 5MP and 8MP cameras with 2.8mm and 3.6mm lenses were installed to achieve an extra wide angle or a slightly narrower angle for an extended field of view depending on the location of the camera.

TiOC, also known as a three-in-one camera, integrates 24/7 full-colour monitoring, active deterrence, and AI into one smart and innovative solution. TiOC can accurately identify potential risks and effectively warn off intruders, effectively protecting life and property’s safety.

TiOC offers an accurate alarm function by precisely targeting people and vehicles while filtering out non-target objects such as animals, leaves, and car headlights. While keeping the false alarm rate under 2%, its powerful AI algorithms also delivers a quicker, more accurate, and longer-range motion detection.

We’re pleased with the result, as is the school who’s Headteacher Mrs. Reynolds said “MMV provided a cost-effective solution and were professional throughout, the team’s conduct was excellent, and we are impressed by the experience”

The Benefits of CCTV Systems – Education

CCTV systems are a practical, effective, and cost-efficient security solution utilized across a range of sectors including educational venues.

The importance of Safeguarding has never been greater with Headteachers and decision markers having a duty of care towards all students, teachers, and visitors. A reliable CCTV System can help improve the safety and security of the school grounds as well as the surrounding areas.

Although CCTV isn’t a legal requirement it offers a range of benefits including…

  • Monitoring – The ability to monitor student behaviours. This could help reduce bullying, racism, vandalism, and other acts against schools’ policies.
  • Deterrence – Making it clear that you have a functional CCTV System can deter vandals and thieves who may target the site if they can’t see systems in place to catch them in the act. CCTV could also deter antisocial behaviour outside the school gates such as smoking, fighting, selling drugs etc.
  • Safety – Ultimately the presence of CCTV offers safety and security for the students, staff, and visitors, as well as parents looking to enrol their children.  

At MMV, we have over 20 years’ of experience in monitoring security systems for a range of clients including schools, colleges, and universities across the UK to commercial property, construction sites, and domestic homes.

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